Happy Italian Greyhounds playing in a fenced yard.

Helpful Training Information

Information on Specific Training for Italian Greyhounds

House training can be tricky. These essential concepts will help you to be successful. Choose one method to potty train and stick with it. Praise and rewards with positive reinforcement will help you make this critical time fun and happy for your puppy.

Crate training is essential for safety. Your puppy needs a safe place that he can go when he needs to rest. Your puppy needs to know the command "Kennel Up" so they will go into the crate smoothly without stress. The puppy needs to be able to ride in a car quietly to go to the vet and to travel.

Dental care to prevent periodontal disease will be your best practice. Oral health is a priority ensuring that you keep your puppy in Optimal wellness.

Puppy fundamentals, Italian Greyhounds, love to please you. They also enjoy structure. When training your puppy reassurance, praise and rewards are powerful motivators. IG's respond to positive reinforcement. Never use negative reinforcements it just does not work.

Home environment must be puppy proofed before you bring your puppy home. Pay attention to hazardous materials in your home environment. These include poisonous plants, medications, and toxic chemicals.

Dangers in your home include gates they can climb over, furniture and cords. Check your yard for hazards make sure your fence is secure.

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I have owned Italian Greyhounds for over 30 years. I am more than willing to answer any questions even if your puppy did not come from my breeding program. If I don't have an answer, I will send you to a proper resource. There is an wealth of information on this website. Information can be found in the more section or by clicking on the links below. Also feel free to click on my contact link.

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