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Layne's Italian Greyhounds

Breeding Magnificent Italian Greyhounds

We are known for breeding some of the most Magnificent Italian Greyhounds in the country. This is the outcome of careful breeding with an excellent mentor for over 30 years. We pay close attention to Type and Genetics.  Layne's IG's  imported Italian Greyhounds from Spain and from Russia to diversify our genetic pool. Thereby creating a healthier line. We have bred a very houndy head over the years. This is one of the most desirable traits.  

Healthy Happy Puppies

My puppies are raised in my home. They are stimulated by noise, and constant people. They are touched and held many times a day. They love to give kisses and to be cuddled and become spoiled before they leave. I work very diligently with house training and teach them to crawl out of their bed and onto newspaper as soon as they can walk. When you decide on a puppy, I encourage people to come and play with their puppy every week. By the time they are ready to go home, they are fully adjusted and socialized. VGL Genetic testing of all of my IG's has been done.

Exceptional Quality and Conformation

Italian Greyhounds have unique qualities. They are intelligent, affectionate, playful, sweet and cuddly. They love to snuggle with you and be on your lap and in your face giving kisses.  My puppies are bred with careful consideration of the type and to AKC Standards. They are 12"-15" and weigh 8-14 lbs.  Over the last 30 years we have maintained the beautiful Elegance and High Stepping movement. My Puppies have amazing dispositions. Most don't know a stranger.  

Layne's IG'S

Our Puppies

Layne's Italian Greyhounds has been breeding Italian Greyhounds for over 30 years. Linda Layne is dedicated to producing healthy genetically sound puppies with outstanding , outgoing temperaments

Layne's Italian Greyhounds is located in West Central Florida breeding quality Italian Greyhound puppies.  Linda always breeds very carefully to the AKC Standard, to produce a healthy sound puppy that may be the perfect pet or a show quality Italian Greyhound. Our IG Puppies are only registered with the American Kennel Club, never the puppy mill registries. Our AKC registered Italian Greyhound puppies are raised underfoot in our home, paper trained, and socialized.

Italian Greyhounds are Sighthounds or also known as Gazehounds and can run extremely fast. They are little miniature greyhounds. Italian Greyhounds enjoy space to run and a large fenced yard is always ideal. However, they also  do well in apartments as they are lap dogs and can be walked or potty trained to a litter box.

Every puppy comes with a Florida Health Certificate. A Veterinarian will have seen all puppies and are up to date on vaccinations. 

If you are looking for AKC registered Italian Greyhound Puppies for sale or a quality pet puppy, please use the Email us button located on the Contact page.

Benson and Bella are brother and sister.  They love to cuddle. Also they are bonded to their owners.

Benson and Bella are brother and sister.  They love to cuddle. Also they are bonded to their owners.



Beautiful elegant Italian greyhounds. Stunning Magnificent conformation and type, highly socialized.

We had a magnificent time in Central Park. Melinda, Antonia, Gail and myself. I stayed with Gail for several days best time ever.  Love my Greyhound Family.


Intelligent, social, a very playful companion puppie. Amazingly unique, delightful and healthy.

Gucci  is a very pampered puppy. He is a wonderful companion. Also has perfect ears.


Beautiful Blue Italian Greyhound Puppy. Playful, cuddly, sweet. Loves to give kisses affectionate.

Louie with Miranda giving lots of kisses. Loves to walk on a leash and is 100% house trained.


Healthy IG puppies bonded to each other and to family.  Affectionate loves to  give kisses sweet.

Bella and Benson with David . Where are you Michelle? They came every week from Clearwater to visit their puppies. Such joy.


Athletic and sound  blue puppy. Produced by Florida breeder Layne's Italian Greyhounds. Tampa, FL.

Love this picture in Central Park Lorenzo is so athletic. He is 4 years old now.  They moved to San Diego only a building away from another one of my IG's.


Red and white healthy puppy. Good with children and other pets. Social,sweet and affectionate. Tampa

Carmen is 15 years old now and Harrison is all grown up and takes her for a walk. They are best buddies. Located in Seattle.

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