House Training

10 Steps To Housetrain Your Italian Greyhound Puppy

1. Teach a command such as sit several times daily. Master this command before adding.

2.  Establish a schedule for feeding. Two meals a day, no nibbling at meals. If the puppy does not eat all of the meal within fifteen minutes pick up the food and wait until the next feeding.  No food or water after 6 PM  No Snacking.

3. Crate puppy when he cannot constantly be watched when you are sleeping or not at home.  

DO NOT ALLOW ON FURNITURE.  Keep him with you at all times. If he wanders and has an accident you can ONLY BLAME YOURSELF. Be aware of where your Italian Greyhound puppy is at all times.

4.  Choose a spot in the yard where you would like him to eliminate. Take him their first thing in the morning, after eating, after playing, and before bedtime. When you take him to the spot, say POTTY do not allow the puppy to roam. Do not play with the puppy. Only stay outside for 5 minutes. If he does not go potty put him back in the crate. No PUNISHING and try again in 10 minutes. Give lots of praise when he is successful.

5. Take puppy out at above times and also when he sniffs the ground,  circles or acts restless. PRAISE puppy when he begins to signal you that he needs to go outside. Then PRAISE HEAVILY when he goes potty in the proper area after signaling you. DO NOT PLAY outside with the puppy until he is fully housetrained. Going to the bathroom is always the first priority before any playtime.

6. When the puppy has an accident do not get overly upset. Just say NO and take the puppy to the proper outside area. Sit him down and say POTTY. This reinforces what you and him to do. NEVER PUNISH OR ISOLATE THE PUPPY for a mistake. Puppy does not know why you are scolding if it has been more than 15 seconds. At this time you have missed your opportunity to correct him. Clean it up and forget about it.

7. Do not consider your puppy housetrained until he has not had an accident in 14 straight days. After your puppy has achieved this give him a little space. Try letting him have one more room to roam into. If accidents occur, reduce him back to being right with you. Do not push him until he is ready to have extra space. It will only frustrate you and the puppy. If there are no accidents with freedom of 1 more room, then add one more room every two weeks. That are accident-free.

8. Puppies that are sneaky about potting in the house most likely have been punished. You can hang a bell on his collar to hear when he is out of site. When he has freedom you will have a way to hear the pup's movement in the next room. If his bell is not ringing you know to check on him.

9. Clean up accidents with 50% Vinegar and 50% Water.

10. THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP is to be CONSISTENT  in your method of house training.

The most critical aspect of potty training is choosing one method. Being Consistent is the key.

The most critical aspect of potty training is choosing one method. Being Consistent is the key.

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