Crate Training Information

Crate training  and creating a safe environment for your puppy.

Crate Expectations

Crate Training

1. Kennel puppy when you are unable to watch him, not home or sleeping. If you give the puppy too much freedom and you are not watching him constantly while he is out of the kennel you can expect accidents. Prevent Broken Legs puppy should not be out of your site.

2. Keep kennel in a room where the puppy will not feel isolated.  New puppies will cry or whine when in their crate. To help with transition turn on a radio or a TV near the kennel. Cover the crate with a blanket. IG's are sighthounds. Italian Greyhounds see everything, and when they see you, they will want to be held.

3. Never take a puppy out of the kennel when it is crying or whining. This will teach him that every time he cries, he can get out of the crate. After a few days of crate training, the puppy will enjoy their time in the crate as it will be their cave and safe place. Leave a Kong filled with food to give the puppy something to keep his mind active.

4. Take the collar off your puppy when he is in the kennel. Collars can be very easily caught on the crate, and the puppy could be severely injured or choked.

5. When taking the puppy out of his kennel be prepared to go immediately outside to potty.

6. NEVER NEVER use a kennel as punishment. Your puppy should think of it as a safe and good place. Remember a puppy cannot hold his urine and that if you leave him too long in the kennel he will go potty there and it is not his fault.

7. when leaving a puppy in the kennel do not make a big fuss over it.  Your puppy feels your emotions and will be stressed. This may teach the puppy to be restless or destructive when you are not around.

8. DO NOT feel guilty or be influenced by others who think the crate is like jailing your puppy. You are doing the best thing for your puppy. Your puppy is SAFE, and your house is safe when the kennel is used correctly. 

9. Crate training transitions to taking your puppy in the car in the crate for trips to the vet. This is a very valuable part of crate training

This is a perfect example of a crating environment. Safety  feature closed top and easily cleaned.

This is a perfect example of a crating environment. Safety feature closed top and easily cleaned.

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